Japan Road Trip 2014 Summer: We Do Not Want To Leave Hokkaido!

Departing from New Chitose Airport at Hokkaido, Japan
Spa and Sauna at New Chitose Airport at Hokkaido, Japan

Leaving Shintoku, we headed to our final destination of the itinerary: New Chitose Airport. The plan was simple: return car, and roam the grounds of the airport after we check in to Air Terminal Hotel.

Enroute, we stopped by Chitose for a quick afternoon dessert at Ice Cream Factory Kacha. Other than its rich, milky ice cream, there was also a sunflower garden (which grew taller than me!) for visitors to enjoy a feast both to the eyes and to the palettes.

Last leg of self drive in Hokkaido, Japan

The hotel itself was a surprise. Tucked in a corner of the bustling airport (I included directions in my Trip Advisor review), the place was filled with calm and relaxation.

Included in the room plan was the use of the onsen situated in the middle of the airport. We thought it was like any other onsen we visited, but we were wrong! It was huge, so huge that it was akin to a spa club!

The airport itself had plenty of options for almost everybody. From restaurants to shops selling anything from fresh produce/seafood to anime memorabilia, the airport was busier than Changi Airport itself.

Dinner was at the “Ramen Street” in the airport itself, which boasted ramen from all over ramen paradise a.k.a Hokkaido. The queue itself took 30 minutes or so. We also concluded that the ramen here was the best we had throughout the trip.

Breakfast was included in the room plan too, though the food was nothing to rave about. However, it was sufficient for us to hold back our hunger pangs till we touched down in Tokyo!

As a conclusion of the Hokkaido trip, here’s what we took at the most famous crossing in Tokyo.

Ramen Village in Narita Airport, Japan

Accommodation of the night:

Air Terminal Hotel

Click here for my TripAdvisor Review

What we did in New Chitose Airport:

  • Ice Cream Factory Kacha (Enroute)
    • Izumisato, 479, Chitose, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan
  • Doraemon Sky Park
  • Onsen
  • Shopping!
  • Ebisoba Ichgen (Website) on “Ramen Street” for dinner
  • Breakfast was catered for by the hotel
Departing from New Chitose Airport at Hokkaido, Japan

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