Japan Road Trip 2014 Summer: Yorkshire Farm & Soba

Yorkshire Farm in Hokkaido, Japan
Yorkshire Farm in Hokkaido, Japan

Yorkshire Farm

After our dessert at Furano Delice, we set off for our next destination: Yorkshire Farm.

In line with the touch of nature, which was the theme of our trip, Yorkshire Farm is a farmstay mainly with sheep.

By the time we completed our check in, it was almost 4pm. We changed to the boots provided in the shed beside the herding area, and went into the fence to frolic with the sheep.

The sheep were shy, to say the least. We found most of them hiding in the trees at the edge of the farm, the shade providing shelter from the sweltering heat. There was a stream beyond the trees, but the whole area was full of flies and bugs. As per my review in Trip Advisor, I do not recommend letting the kids come into the wooded area.


The Shintoku region Yorkshire Farm was in offers a more diverse choice of activities, be it for friends or family travellers.

Shintoku is a small town famous for its soba; there is also a park, converted from an old railroad (much like NYC’s Highline, except that this was not an elevated rail) that extends from the town and passed by Yorkshire Farm.

Theoretically, travellers could just cross the highway to reach the rail park, if they are done with chasing sheep and lazing around in the farm. For us, we decided to go to the origin of the park at Shintoku after we checked out of Yorkshire Farm the next day.

Around Shintoku in Hokkaido, Japan

The start of the rail park was marked by a display of a decommissioned train engine. The trees lined up what used to be the railway tracks and formed a natural tunnel which could be good for wedding photos. However, the landscape here was not well-maintained; that instead gave the place an old, rustic charm.

Near the engine was the start of the ski chair lift; apparently, we were also at the bottom of a ski slope. It was summer and the chairs were stowed away, so there was not much to see around that place.

Shintoku train station was even smaller than the one we went to at Furano, and oozed a casual and laid back ambience. No trains pulled in while we were there, though.

Across the train station, down the main street, we followed directions to a famous restaurant in Shintoku. That particular restaurant was famed for its chicken, but as Shintoku is also known for its soba, we ordered a set of that as well.

Soba in Shintoku in Hokkaido, Japan

Being the small town that is Shintoku, the only other notable place of interest was its temple. Located atop a hill, it was a peaceful setting away from the already peaceful town. Perhaps it was not the time for praying, so the whole place was devoid of human presence. However, the grounds did exude a sense of calm, when one took a walk down the dirt path surrounding the temple.

Accommodation of the night:

Yorkshire Farm

〒081-0038 Hokkaido Prefecture, Kamikawa District, Shintoku, Shintoku Kisen, 115−7

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What we did in Yorkshire Farm:

  • Chasing sheep
  • Chillax at the restaurant
  • Stargazing

What we did in Shintoku:

  • Rail Park
  • Train Station
  • Shintoku Temple
  • Soba Restaurant Minatoya for lunch
    • 2 Jokita 1-chome Shintoku, Kamikawa District, Hokkaido Prefecture 081-0002
  • Dinner and Breakfast (following day) was included in the room plan for Yorkshire Farm.

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  1. Hi Zenov, thank you for your detailed review! I am interested to go to Yorkshire Farm in this September, may I know the route to reach them from Shin Chitose Airport and how much to spend for that route if by train? thank you

    1. Hi Jenna,

      Thank you for your compliment! You can take the Super Ozora line to Shintoku, which is the nearest train station to Yorkshire Farm (it is a 10 – 15 min car ride away from Shintoku town). Since you will still need to travel quite a bit from Shintoku, I will recommend you drive straight from Shin Chitose Airport (there is car rental direct from airport). 🙂

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