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Mi for Pink Dot - Screenshot of Sammi Cheng's MV Bang Bang Bang

Last year, I listed out that why Sammi’s Touch Mi concert deserves a Pink Dot. Now that 2016’s Pink Dot is around the corner, it is time to link her up with Pink Dot again. After all, back in 1990s and 2000s, she was THE Heavenly Queen (we all know what Queen refers to in an alternate universe, ja?)

Since Pink Dot 2016 is on 4 June, let me list down 6 songs of Mi describes the colour of pink, and 4 songs that cried: Shocking Pink!



Mi has been in the industry for 26 years. She has so many songs that we have to start somewhere, so why not in the Warner period, where she shot to fame?

This is a song about suppressed love (sounds familiar, yeah?). All pinkish songs songs (back when there were no songs that were really written for the community) were about straight relationships with a woman who is always trying her best to love another person. Such messages resonated very well with the pink community, even though the full lyrics may not apply to a pink love.

笑看自己 太冲动

爱很寂寞 不肯说



In the late 1990s, the gay awakening started in the East Asia. In the austere mood against the pink lifestyle, pop songs, like literature, took on lives of their own, through analogies and double entendre.

This is a song that told of a woman who realised she deserved more from her (supposedly) male lover, but is also a hidden message about the desire of the pink community to be treated with dignity.

我想我应该得到 心疼的拥抱
拥抱中 我会努力忘掉
总有一些幸福 得不到
我想我应该得到 了解的微笑
微笑中 爱已经不重要
了解是我唯一能有的 美好



Crushes without a definite ending are signatures of gay’s love life. And like everyone else in the world when they could not achieve what they want, they yearn for the ability who has the ability to make things possible.

如果我是你    代替你爱我到底

可能不可能(如果我们不再见 国语版)


And then there was a song that looked into the future of a crush, where the protagonist looked back on the crush. This was one of the reasons why Mi garnered so many Pinkie points across the ages.

到最后 我们可能不可能 问你 回答你
我的心看过你 为我动心
一直相信 那並不容易


In 2000, 如果我是你 was a melancholic rendition of the inner desires of a pink love. Fast forward to 2009, there is a lighter, more cheerful aspect to it.

我用沉默叫醒爱情 你用期待做你反应


Recorded under the album “Love is Love”, which also happens to be one of the tag lines for LGBT movement, this song proclaims that everyone has a deserving other half, and that, when proudly living one’s life, such happiness is a given.

完完全全能面对 实实在在说一声我是谁
平平凡凡仍是对 自自在在我不惊中地雷

Other than songs that resonate with a pink love, Mi was so avant garde in her songs that many can be regarded as a national anthem for pink dot.



Mi was known to produce controversial songs. In an era where sex was a taboo in the public domain, she ventured forth and created a name for herself with “Ten Commandments” (十诫).

4 years later, she created controversy again with 非男非女, which seemed to take on the pun of 飞男飞女 (bad boys and bad girls); It was also a description of the gender fluidity that many people in the present are educated about, but never really did understand back in the 1990s.

男共女 非狂也非醉
无绝对 非男与非女
性別 现在叫也许
不理不停不问 事事也也许


One of Mi’s more direct songs (although it still takes the form of double entendre) to describe gay love, this is definitely an anthem that has been overlooked. Yes, the whole song’s lyrics can entirely be used to describe an LGBT love. Here’s the start of the song:

市内全民皆兵 听着流言之声



This is “Born This Way” 10 years earlier, in Mandarin, with less angst and more bubbles. Recorded under the album “Go Love!” (去爱吧!), which also recorded many double entendre kind of songs like 知道的请告诉我 (the melody of which was also Stefanie Sun’s first published work), this is definitely one of the most positive coming out songs.

这是我在的地方 (你在吗)
拥有太阳的眼光 (不能隐藏)
我愿意自由地想 (我在想) 遗忘悲伤


This was Mi’s comeback song after a hiatus of 5 years fighting depression. Ever since then, she was affectionately known as Mi and her concerts have been titled with “Mi”.

This song is about acknowledging the power of self, which bears the same theme as that of the LGBT movement。 The Mandarin version explicitly tells the listener to live their lives their own ways, regardless of sexuality.

别抵抗 心里面的话 别下载 谁的排行榜
别怀疑 自己的性向 It’s MI 不配合你 又怎么样

Therefore, if anyone else agrees with me that Mi is indeed the best person to represent Pink Dot, please voice out. Who knows? We may see her in 2017 as a Pink Dot Ambassador 🙂

If you want something more pink that Sammi Cheng, if you love to read Chinese novels and you love BL, you can check out 不能说的爱情故事:天国没有悲伤

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