Re-visit As A Commoner: Oasia Hotel Novena [Review]

Xiong Xiong posing on the bed at Oasia Hotel Novena.

About a year ago, I left a ravishing review on Oasia Hotel Novena, after my stay there for my birthday (LINK).


A few months later, I returned just because I enjoyed my stay. However, this time around, I did not stay in its club room. Now, this was the best time to evaluate the baseline of the hotel’s service standard, which would determine if one can be assured of a good stay in an unlikely event that they have to stay there, even at its cheapest offering.



The room was expected-ly smaller than the previous stay, since I only booked a standard deluxe room with King bed. That being said, the main draw the last time around, a comfy bed, was still included in the price. No matter how bad the day went, the bed would make up for it.

The toilet / shower area was still well-stocked and well-maintained, which made it a second draw of the room.


Amenities – Things To Do In Oasia Hotel Novena

Without access to the club level, I could only use the layman’s pool and gym that do not overlook the cityscape like that of the rooftop pool.

That being said, hotel guests were still very well looked after.

The gym had enough equipment for both cardio and strength training. The changing room (for the pool and gym) was in the gym itself, so one who was visiting the pool can actually make use of the lockers in the gym. Or one could go straight to the pool after a workout to have a dip in the jacuzzi and sooth the aching muscles. Yes, there was a direct entrance to the pool from the gym,

The pool made up for the lost view by being very well-designed. There were sundecks on the shallow end of the pool, so that one could just slip/roll into the water without even touching the ground.

But I exaggerate.

The shallow end of the pool provided sufficient space for one to just wade around and take selfies.

The hotel was surrounded by high-end residences, so the pool had the 360-degree view of spectacular architecture. For a person like me who love the charm of urban-living, I loved the view from the pool.

By the way, did I mention there was a little park (complete with a little hill and rich foliage) just beside the pool?



As mentioned, the aim of the stay was to decide if there was a stark difference in service rendered by the staff.

Yes, the staff did not remember me by name now, nor did they smile brightly when they meet me. However, they were definitely not like 3-star hotel staff who wore a perpetual frown on their faces.

If I were to say, the hardware of the hotel (comfy bed, shower area and fun pool) more than made up for the lack of bespoke service. After all, when one vacations, one does not vacation with the hotel staff.

So, if you are looking for a vacation whereby you can just rot in the hotel without venturing far and out into the sweltering heat of Singapore, then go book a stay now:

Oasia Hotel Novena

8 Sinaran Drive S307470

+65 6664 0333

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