Convenient Franchise: San Yang Cafe [Review]

Pineapple bun in crispy crust, from San Yang Cafe. Xiong Xiong teddy bear is posing with it.

The best thing about living in a metropolis is that one will never go hungry. Taipei, for example, has 24/7 7-Eleven that served full, piping hot meals for the hungry ghosts. The same goes to Hong Kong. However, I’m here to talk about a breakfast place.


One thing I liked about my hotel was that there was a HK cafe just beside the hotel. That meant that I could quickly pop by for a quickie, and then return to my room to prepare for the day (you get what I mean…). It was like having a free-breakfast package in your room deal, with a twist.



Typical of HK cafes, the servers are always in a rush and rarely had a smile on their faces.


This franchise serves everything you know that is Hong Kong-ish, from western style to oriental style food (breakfasts included). I only knew this was a franchise after I saw a similar shop across Nathan Road (and subsequently elsewhere), because the cafe does look like a run-of-the-mill HK cafe.



I was having my first breakfast of my trip, and I was feeling sleepy and such, so I just ordered anything that jumped out at me, which tend to be just normal for everybody.

I ordered a set consisting of Century Egg Meat Porridge + Lor Mai Kai for HKD 30; and topped off with a Polo Bao (HKD 5) just because I wanted to try one lol

There was nothing fantastical about the porridge, just that it was warm and good for the morning.

My favourite food was Lor Mai Kai (or Lotus Rice, because they are similar). The LMK I ordered was savoury, but could be better, because it has a lot of rice (unlike typical HK LMK). Just like its competitors, the LMK had sausage and luncheon meat, which was fabulous by Singapore standards.

The polo bao was also average, but the crispy top crust was gratifying.

All in all, this was a good, convenient place for a quick breakfast to start the day, if you are staying nearby.


How to Get There

If you are staying in Inn Hotel Hong Kong, then all you have to do is exit the hotel and turn left. It is just beside the hotel.

Otherwise, it does not make much sense for one to visit this place intentionally. For one, there is a same cafe just across Nathan Road, from the hotel. That cafe is more visible and of course, more easily accessible. Unless, of course, that cafe is full; then the one beside Inn Hotel Hong Kong is a good choice.

Exit D2 of Yau Ma Tei MTR station, walk straight and turn right at the first junction.

三洋餐廳 – 油麻地店

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