How Do We Deal With Unruly Customers?

Nespresso pods on a remowa luggage.

I don’t really enjoy selling on Carousell. Buyers usually haggle for discounts as though sellers owe them a living. They even expect us to send the items to them at our own expenses, at a selling price below our cost price.

If I am allowed to make a judgement, most of the buyers on Carousell do not understand the value of things.

That’s why I try not to transact on Carousell, unless, like in the following case, the items are nearing expiry and I could not finish them myself.

Selling to people who don’t appreciate the value of the stuff they buy is a waste and an insult to the fine quality products I’m selling! (take a look at some of the stuff I sell on my other blog)

I was lucky I found a very good buyer for my Nespresso capsules (thumbs up to her!) 😉😊 Those were very good coffee, which will satisfy most coffee lovers’ taste buds!

While I was sending my note of apologies to all other prospective buyers, I received a message from one of them (prospective buyers):

My goodness.

I’m posting this publicly just so everyone else know what kind of buyer this person is. I’m not gonna search his real identity on the internet (in case I accuse the wrong person).

I just want to warn everyone else about this very unsporting buyer. If he can behave this way in a failed deal, I wonder what he will do to close a deal.

Admittedly, I’m a very bad salesperson; I am bad at making cold calls and handling rejection. This was the reason why I never really went out to look for a job in sales. However, I would like to pose this question to all who are reading this blog:

How do we handle such unruly customers? For small, part-time sellers like me, what are some of the tips we can follow, to protect ourselves from bullying by such users? What if such users bulldozes over to make unreasonable demands or make allegations about us?

Enough of ranting. I hope my actual buyer enjoys her coffee!

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    For all out there who engage in buying/selling at a small, part-time level, do take note of this buyer/seller who does not seem to have reservations about showing bad behaviour at failed transactions.

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