Skyscrapers of Singapore at Central Business District near Marina Bay Financial Centre.

The Dilemma of Training

Asking an expert who is unwilling or incompetent to train others is like asking a fish to climb a tree.

Save the headache and engage a skilled trainer!

Process Facilitation - Conducted for a group of Southeast Asian mayors and leaders. Seen here are the flip charts for ground rules.

Tips To Be an Effective Trainer

How often have you sat through a lesson / training, only to joke to your classmates at the end of the day, “I do not know how the day passed!” Sad to say, even after implementation of ACTA by WSG for more than a decade, the industry is filled with trainers who are at best […]

Facilitated Training Under WDA’s ACTA

Just under 2 years ago, I decided to embark on acquiring the Advanced Certification of Training and Assessment (ACTA), which is accredited by Workforce Development Agency (WDA). The certification was a natural progression for me, as I was already working as a Staff Development Officer in Training and Development function in the prisons. As the […]

There’s 2015 Ahead

A whole year of 2015 is ahead of me, but before I decide what to make of it, I shall look back at what I had created. Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2014 (Link) I might have only devoted 1 post to this, but it was an event that took up almost 1 year. From conceptualisation […]