Lobster Tart with Caviar from the Sundown Soiree high tea buffet at The Landing point, located in Fullerton Bay Hotel off Marina Bay in Singapore.

The Landing Point’s Sundown Soiree

Sundown Soiree or a letdown and sorry?

Starbucks Halloween special snacks, seen here Xiong Xiong the teddy bear with Zombie Frappucino, Peek a Boo Lemon Drizzle Cake and Let's Hang Out Almond Cake.

Food Review in 3 Minutes: Starbucks Festive Goodies

Have you tried Starbucks’ drinks and snacks for this year’s Halloween?

I tried to stay away from it, thinking I could live a minimalist, zen life… but I succumbed to the sweet treats at the last minute…!

After You café interior, at Bangkok, Thailand, off Siam BTS station. Xiong Xiong teddy bear posing with the signature Mango Sticky Rice dessert.

Cafe Hopping in Bangkok

If you are like me, Bangkok would be the last city you would want to go for a holiday, because its hot and humid weather meant wet and sticky clothes throughout the day. I went to Chatuchak once, and I told myself I would NEVER go to that place, because of the heat and because there was nothing interesting for me to shop and see anyway.

Grand Copthorne Waterfront - Club Lounge. Breakfast offering - xiong xiong teddy bear with black coffee, hashbrown, chicken sausage, dim sum siew mai, overlooking Singapore River.

My Love For Coffee

There is a lot of health benefits for drinking black coffee – without sugar AND milk. However, there is one important advantage to drinking black coffee…