Sammi 鄭秀文 # FOLLOWMi 演唱会究竟会唱什么歌?

Sammi 鄭秀文 # FOLLOWMi 演唱会究竟会唱什么歌?

將在2019年7月12日至26日於香港紅磡體育館舉行,打著“出道30年”、“第十個紅館演唱會” 和“7月24日第100場在紅館的演唱會”宣傳口號的演唱會究竟会唱什么歌?非常期待 # FOLLLOWMi 在紅館開場!


Touch Mi Round 2

Have you heard? Cantopop Queen Sammi Cheng is returning to Singapore for an encore concert of her awe-inspiring Touch Mi World Tour. Other than the fact that she is still the reigning queen in the Hong Kong pop scene (when she releases one album, she becomes the bestselling singer in Hong Kong), there are many [...]

Mi For Pink Dot

Last year, I listed out that why Sammi's Touch Mi concert deserves a Pink Dot. Now that 2016's Pink Dot is around the corner, it is time to link her up with Pink Dot again. After all, back in 1990s and 2000s, she was THE Heavenly Queen (we all know what Queen refers to in [...]