Let’s Play Hide and Seek in the Room: Mode Sathorn Hotel

Mode Sathorn Hotel - facade from BTS station.

You can run around the room playing catching, like how the emperor would chase his concubines in ancient times.

Don’t believe? Check it out yourself


My memory of Bangkok is super hot and humid, so I don’t really fancy trips to Bangkok. As such, when I have to go, I look for a good hotel to compensate that sweaty, sticky experience.


The most comforting (if not exhilerating) aspect about the room was the spaciousness. Granted, I booked an Executive room (which was just a SGD 20 per night more than the Deluxe room), but that space… it is worthy to be called a suite, except there were no separate rooms.

The King size bed sat comfortably in the middle of the room, with plenty of space around it for static exercises. Yep. there is enough space to open up large suitcases of 2 persons, and the shopping of 4 days, and perhaps much much more…

There is even a lounge-r at the foot of the bed for one to watch the TV. There is also a couch, by the way, along with the standard study desk and wifi.

The toilet was spacious; there was a bath tub and a separate shower area, and one can still dance in between them. The shower jet was a little disappointing, though. The toilet’s window curtain was a single-piece of cloth, so it’s either draw it or be seen by your neighbours, so I could not remember what the window of the toilet looked out to.

There was a small, walk-in wardrobe, with sufficient space to hang all the fashionable clothes one wears to Bangkok and sweat in.

Facilities / Amenities

The toilet is well-stocked, with the standard shower gel, shampoo, hairdryer etc. The only thing lacking is perhaps a shaver. Otherwise, one can just appear at the hotel and not need to buy extra toiletries.

There is also in-room safe, laundry services, free wifi, TV with good channels and slippers.

Perhaps it is easier to say what it is lacking: Bathrobes and convenient power sockets.


There is a pool and gym in the hotel grounds.

The pool overlooks the street and one can snag an excellent view of the city from the pool (there’s a catch though, there’s a skyscraper of a hotel right across the road). There were also plenty of sundecks for hotel guests to lounge; beside the pool, away from the pool, overlooking the infinity end of the pool, or in the pool etc. There was also a functioning pool bar. Oh, and there was this huge circular sofa-ish chair that seat 2.

The gym was small, but quite well-quipped. There were 2 treadmills, 2 bicycles, a set of weights and a weight machine. The hotel sure knows what their guests want.


There is a roof-top bar, which seemed like an after-thought to the design of the hotel. The seating was at the peripheral of the building, with the bar at one side. We were seated on the far end, which was just beside the ventilation. That made the location very uncomfortable and warm. The lighting was very low to have a good look at the bar itself.

There is also a cafe at the lobby and spa services, both of which I did not make use of. The lobby itself was spacious, with plenty of seating for guests waiting for check-in/out. The chairs were also varied (there was a hammock-ish chair, and cushioned benches).



As expected, the staff were bad in English, but that did not stop them from trying to provide a good service. When they didn’t understand what I was saying, they sought help from their colleagues, who in turn, took time off to address my queries.


There was zero convenience stores at walking distance, so that made last-minute mid-night hunger pangs a headache. As I have a habit to stock up my rooms with sufficient bottled water, that also made it a chore for me to lug heavy bottles of water across town.


To be frank, I was not outside after dark a lot of the time. Still, the hotel’s proximity to the BTS station makes it safer than most hotels along small alleyways.



The room had a full-length window. Yes, the building was covered with a glass facade, so that gave the room a panoramic (but warm in the day) view of the city.


The hotel was both convenient and not convenient.

It was conveniently located beside Surasak BTS (which is also where that famed Blue Elephant is), but the BTS exit was waaaayyy out from the hotel entrance, so that made the walk between the hotel entrance and the BTS exit a good one minute plus.

More importantly, Surasak was not near the main shopping district around Siam station, so that meant this hotel was a little out of the way.

How To Get There

Take BTS to Surasak station. Once out of the turnstile, look for the building with a glass and struss facade (see my photo). The hotel is just beside the station.

Mode Hotel Sathorn

North, 144 Si Lom,

Silom, Bang Rak,

Bangkok 10500, Thailand


+66 2623 4555

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