Why I’m Jon at Starbucks

Starbucks Halloween special snacks, seen here Xiong Xiong the teddy bear with Zombie Frappucino.

Every now and then, sometimes on a daily basis, I am Jon for 5 minutes.

This usually happens when I have to give my name to someone temporarily, like Starbucks.

It’s not that I’m being mysterious and want to cover my tracks or something. It’s just that my name is so unique that I have to spend some time explaining / spelling / repeating my name to a person who have never come across my name at all.

I would not mind doing that ritual for a new friend or colleague whom I have to build mid-long term relationships with. But for a cashier at Starbucks who just needed to ensure I get my cuppa from my barista? I think spending that 5 minutes was not a good investment of time.

Therefore, it would be faster and more efficient to say “Jon” (I don’t really care if he spelled “John”/”Jon”) and retrieve my coffee down the line. For all I knew, we would never meet again.

Well, my SEO plugin said that if I were to end my post at the last paragraph, it would be deemed too short and would be penalised in the search rankings. Therefore…

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